Thursday, November 1, 2012

Installation Of Weblogic Server

Oracle have provided Weblogic Server to run ADF application created in Jdeveloper. when we install Jdeveloper Weblogic Server also get installed. This is our scenario for development. Now we need to install stand alone Weblogic Server to a machine for production purpose.

Here I will show the steps of installation of stand alone Weblogic Server.

Run setup for weblogic server.

A welcome window will come up to start installation of weblogic server. Click next button to start installation.

 Next screen will ask for a middleware home. If you want to use existing home then select one of the appeared home or simply create a new one.

Click next to go to next step. Select custom installation type. In typical it installs Oracle coherence and Oracle Enterprise pack for Eclipse. We do not need them, so choose custom installation

Go to next step by clicking next.  This screen shows components to install. Select Weblogic server and leave other option unchecked

Go to next step. There are two option for java installation first one is Sun SDK and other is Oracle JRockit . Choose Sun SDK and click next.

In next window it will show where weblogic server will be installing.

Now select no option for Node manager service. We will do this later manually.

Choose shortcut option for weblogic server. Click next.

Next window shows summery of installation.

Clicking next button will start process of installation.

After installation it shows complete message in window. Done will exit the process. 

This is the process of weblogic server installation.

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